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Windstorm Engineering & Inspections

Our Inspectors

The windstorm inspectors at Cedna Engineering are ICC-Certified Inspectors, which means they go through comprehensive testing and continuing education in order to receive their certification. We are also approved by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) for Windstorm Engineering and Inspections, as well as certified in post tension foundations, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and energy inspections. You can learn more about the importance of windstorm inspections at TDI's website.

Our professional Inspectors can check:

Our Process

Cedna specializes in engineering and construction for residential and commercial buildings, guaranteeing customized solutions that meet clients' needs while remaining affordable. With years of personal building experience, our experts provide a unique perspective to their work.Starting with client meetings and plan reviews, we provide a full engineering process that includes drawing plans, construction site visits and document preparation. Our end goal is to obtain a WPI-8 on the structure or roof for your assurance of quality workmanship done right every time!