Cedna Engineering partners with our clients to ensure projects meet the most up-to-date compliance standards.

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Active Hurricane Season

The most important thing you can do during hurricane season is to get yourself, your family and your home prepared. With Cedna Engineering, our engineers will give you the confidence to know your home is protected.

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Our Services

Windstorm Inspections

ICC certified inspectors that specialize in a variety of residential and commercials buildings.

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Great structures begin with solid foundations. Our engineers are certified in both pile and slab on-grade foundation designs.

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Windstorm Engineering

Cedna engineers are approved by the Texas Department of Insurance for Windstorm Engineering and Inspections.

Proven Results

Cedna Engineering's success clearly distinguishes it from the competition, with over 96% of our structures receiving little to no damage during Hurricane Ike.
None had catastrophic damage.

With inspectors certified in multiple areas, we continually strive to provide the highest quality engineering to ensure the safety of your home or business.

We are proud to serve the Texas Gulf Coast Region:
Rockport, Angleton, Bay City, Lake Jackson, Sugar Land, Freeport, Brazoria, Clute, Galveston, and Pearland.

Why Cedna?

When it comes to living near the coast, insurance can become costly. Windstorm certified structures and exterior coverings can provide a significant cost reduction.

It's also important to know that when buying or selling (both commercial and residential) in the Gulf Coast area, the state requires certifications for all structures on the property.

Cedna Engineering has the knowledge and experience to help you make the certification process as smooth as possible.